Ribs And Burgers, James Street BRISBANE

Who doesn’t love a big, juicy, deliciously charred burger jam packed with perfectly cooked wagyu beef, vintage cheese, pickles, bacon, caramelised onions, mustard and special pink sauce (yum) directed straight into their mouth on a Tuesday night? Seriously?

Ribs and Burgers, located in the best part of New Farm’s James Street has created a wagyu range that will leave your taste buds begging you to take bite after bite; despite how tight your pants are getting. Their burgers are moist (so if you’re one of those strange people who prefer them dry burger, this isn’t for you), and packed with so much fresh, charry beef flavour that they put other restaurants to shame.

Their new range includes the Original, the Big Cheese, the Bacon & Vintage Cheddar and the Wagyu Tower. I tried the Wagyu Bacon & Vintage Cheddar with a side of fries; and let me tell you, I was full as a Christmas turkey by the time I was done. Their meals are BIG (I recommend sharing a side of fries between 2), well priced for restaurant dining (on James Street) and 100% delicious.

So, for Brisbane folk looking for a new burger haunt, give Ribs & Burgers a go!

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