Redlands Food

The Redlands bar and dining scene is a bustling melting pot. Whether you’re after a morning brew or an evening cocktail, there’s always an array of options to choose from.
Little Bloomfield Café in Cleveland serves up a delicious cuppa to perk you up in the mornings.
Bacchus Brewing Co. has you spoilt for choice as you can sample beers from an assortment of over 18 flavours on tap along with another 60-odd in bottles.
As you head towards the peninsula of Wellington Point, Off the Wall Diner continues to serve up the world’s hottest burgers.

Little Bloomfield Café and Wine Bar
Bloomfield Street, Cleveland
(07) 3821 7812

Bacchus Brewing Co.
Christine Place, Capalaba
(07) 3823 2828

Off the Wall Diner
Main Road, Wellington Point
(07) 3207 3209