Palm Beach Dining

Palm Beach on the Gold Coast was once a sleepy, beachy suburb but times are changing – especially in the dining scene.

The Collective Palm Beach is only new to the coast but they’re already making waves, serving up something a little different. There are 5 different kitchens to choose from: Luckies Diner, The Kitchen, Calavera, Umami and the Italian Job. And best of all, there’s table service! Think of it as an upmarket market that carters to the indecisive eater. The Collective was created by the Hubbard family and is certainly a labour of love.

Just around the corner, is the Barefoot barista. Dean and his wife Liz opened their doors in 2009 and have since seen a huge change to Palm Beach’s café culture. It’s more than just a spot to eat, it has become a community space for everyone to enjoy.

Barefoot Barista
Palm Beach Ave

The Collective
Gold Coast Highway