Online Food Shopping

It’s no surprise that with the meteoric rise in online shopping that specific food needs and requirements are now also being met online.

Barry Bros is a Brisbane-based online grocer – specialising in locally grown fresh fruit and veg, meats, pantry items, household products and toiletries.

Organic is no longer a niche domain for “greenies”, buying organic has become a normal go-to for everyday shoppers. And as Alastair discovers when visiting two of Barry Bros suppliers, it’s for good reason.

Leavain Bakery is 100% organic, and owner Terry Wilson not only believes organic is better for the environment and your own health, but it also simply tastes better.

These are sentiments also shared by the team at Buchi Kombucha. Kombucha has been around for over 2,000 years, and now more than ever it’s important to get living probiotic foods back into our diet.

Both Leavain Bakery products and Buchi Kombucha are available via Barry Bros. Josh and Kris will personally service and deliver your order, with next day delivery, within the Brisbane area.

Barry Bros
next day delivery – Brisbane area