One of the best Sunshine Coast Food Trails to take!

Food Trails are not a new concept, but a website called SEQ Food Trails is. The site reveals many hidden gems around the south east, from tucked away cafes to boutique breweries.

There are eight different regions, including the Sunshine Coast. The Sunny Coast has developed a reputation for growing great local produce, and also for turning that produce into delicious food and in the case of Brouhaha Brewery – beer.

Brouhaha prides itself on its boutique beer. The offering is varied and includes a core range of eight beers, from lagers to fruit sours. They also produce seasonal variations.

All beers are available on tap or takeaway in cans from the brewery. The reason they only package in cans is because the Head Brewer at Brouhaha believes cans look after the beer better. The huge enemies of beer are light and oxygen. A glass bottle can let light in more easily and wrecking the beer. Cans are also more environmentally friendly. They are shorter in height, so you can put a lot more into a load, they’re lighter, easier to carry, and, according to the beer makers at Brouhaha they chill quicker when you’re camping!

Brouhaha also pride themselves on their menu. The restaurant works with a lot of local producers, even supplying the barley-husk, which is a by-product from the brewing process, to the local wagyu beef farmer to feed his cattle. The restaurant then buys the beef back.

One of the restaurant’s suppliers is The Falls Farm at Mapleton. The farm is farmed by a green-thumbed family who use a combination of traditional farming techniques and the latest organic soil knowledge. The owners practice regenerative agriculture, which means trying to build and create a living soil, with the outcome being a healthy plant above the ground and a healthy ecosystem below the ground.

Everything is done by hand at The Falls Farm, which is labour intensive, but avoids damaging the soil. The idea is to leave the land in a better state than before. The 30 acres of market garden, produces fruit, vegies, herbs, and obscure edible plants for the curious.

And none are more curious than award-winning chef, Alejandro Cancino. Alejandro is Argentinian born and has worked as a chef in Australia and overseas for 17 years. In 2018 Alejandro, his wife Paola, and their young daughter Lola, moved to the Sunshine Coast and opened a vegan café called Lola’s Pantry.

The café is tucked away in the small suburb of Kuluin, near Maroochydore, right next door to his plant-based company Fenn Foods.

These are the sorts of hidden gems SEQ Food Trails uncovers. Jump online to get a taste for yourself!