Ipswich Foodie

Ipswich is known for its culture and heritage, but there have been some exciting new changes throwing a twist on the traditional.

Off the back of Ben Ungermann’s TV success comes Ungermann Brothers, a business venture launched with Ben’s brother Danny. The ice cream parlour offers 16 inventive flavours of ice cream all made on-site.

Greek restaurant Arcadia has opened a window to tame the demand for their Loukoumades with Crispy Puff Donuts. Once sold only as a dessert in store, they now overflow into the streets with flavours like Peanut Butter Jelly, Greek Custard and Nutella.

The Cottage Restaurant is framed by a charming heritage listed Queenslander renowned for its fine dining seasonal menu. Their new brunch menu steers away from the classic bacon and eggs with European dishes like gnocchi and spätzle.

Ungermann Brothers
88 Limestone Street,
3281 4038

Crispy Puff Donuts
37a Warwick Road,
3339 3118

The Cottage Restaurant
108 Limestone Street,
3143 2644

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