Ipswich Food – Springfield Restaurants

Even the best dish can benefit from a dash of ‘S & P’.

In the case of Springfield, on the eastern edge of Ipswich, those letters stand not for salt and pepper, but for ‘setting’ and ‘people’!

Passionate restauranteurs are serving up great food to hordes of happy diners in the heart of Springfield’s signature green spaces.

Journeys Bar & Kitchen overlooks sparkling Orion Lagoon in Robelle Domain Parklands. Owner-chef, Michael Milne, prides himself on a menu that has something for everyone, served in a family-friendly space.

The same can be said for Lagoon Café and Robelle Café – both situated in the parklands. The pair of alfresco eateries offer relaxed dining, overlooking water fun parks and sprawling green spaces – so parents can relax over a coffee or meal while the kids burn off some energy.

Head to Springfield Lakes for two very different dining experiences. Moselle’s Restaurant offers a menu that mixes east and west in a serene, lake-side setting.

BLVD Restaurant, also at Springfield Lakes, is an unexpected fusion of fine dining and fiery BBQ. Owners Josh Lawson and James McDermott quickly discovered their fine dining menu wasn’t a hit with locals and started serving up slow-cooked, smoked BBQ meats.

The brave decision was a big hit – earning them a slew of awards and a stampede of satisfied carnivores.