Gold Coast Bakeries

After taking a year off to travel around Australia, Ben and Ursula Watts returned to the Gold Coast inspired to open an Artisan Bakery.

After meticulously renovating and breathing life into a rundown 80-year-old weatherboard beach cottage, the young entrepreneurs opened the doors to The Paddock Bakery in Miami.

An antique wood fired oven pumps out handcrafted loaves and creations that make up an evolving and mouth-watering menu.

Everything is made in house, from scratch and baked throughout the day to be enjoyed warm and fresh.

And in the name of transparency and to add to the experience of dining in this beautiful old Queenslander, customers can watch the bakers at work.

Food to rave about, rustic and re-purposed furniture and a tranquil, leafy backyard has created a laidback vibe that attracts visitors from all around Australia.

The success of The Paddock Bakery lead to Ben and Ursula opening a second store just up the Gold Coast Highway at Mermaid Beach.

Bam Bam Bakehouse is designed with a more modern style and their decadent sweet treats and artisan handmade pastries are a major draw card.

However, their bistro-style menu is eclectic and features a few dishes you wouldn’t expect like nasi goreng, chicken parmi’s and 14 hour smoked brisket on fresh rolls

Both artisan bakeries have become star attractions of the Gold Coast food scene and definitely deserve a visit when you’re on the Gold Coast.

Bam Bam Bakehouse
2519 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach
7 days 7am-3pm

The Paddock Bakery
20 Hibiscus Haven, Miami
7 days 6.30am-3pm