Get Loaded on the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is known for its beautiful beaches and laidback atmosphere, but its food scene has also exploded over the last couple of years. There’s everything from fine-dining to beachside cafes and plenty of places to get loaded.

From loaded shakes, loaded fries and loaded burgers to even loaded donuts!

The Nines in Maroochydore serves a decadent drink – the Mars-snickers. The signature shake is a bounty of ice-cream, snickers, mars bars, tim- tams, Nutella, and a whole lot more. It’s always on the menu, but the team dream up a new one every month to keep customers excited.

Down the road, there’s another menu full of drool-worthy delights at Good Bar in Mooloolaba. The Dreamtime Burger is their speciality where each month a new creation is dreamt up to keep customers’ tastebuds on their toes.

Back to the sweet treats, Kenilworth Bakery’s 1 kilo doughnut is freshly baked, and filled with cream and jam for 20 bucks – but if you eat it all yourself you get it for free and your name on the wall of fame!

Finally, if you’re all these over-the-top creations are just too much, you can make a decision at Decisions Café in Birtinya. Choose between two sides of the menu, Superfoods (full of home-made-wholesome-healthiness), or Superjunk (full of home-made-hearty-unhealthiness).