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One delicious trend that never goes out of style is sharing great foodie experiences. Kerry Heaney of “Eat, Drink and Be Kerry” is a food writer, blogger and photographer who knows that we ‘eat first with our eyes.’
Dining at Sake Restaurant & Bar in Brisbane is truly an aesthetic pleasure thanks to the Japanese sensibility for perfect presentation. Add to that, an element of theatre with the restaurant’s new Robata Grill: a cooking style used centuries ago by Japanese fishermen who seared their catch of the day on super-heated charcoal. Check out the ‘dancing’ bonito flakes – dried fish flakes – that come alive with the intense heat. Another food trend embraced at Sake is the use of Matcha – powdered green tea favoured by Samurai and royalty, and now finding its way into desserts.

At Sinmei Tea Room – situated in Scrumptious Reads off James Street – Matcha tea is married with traditional western baking techniques to create vividly green treats like Angel Cake and Melting Moments. You can also enjoy a traditional tea ceremony along with your cakes.
Taking the notion of artful presentation to the extreme, chef Richard Ousby of Stokehouse Restaurant at South Bank has turned his clever culinary hand to creating bespoke flatware. Richard’s mother runs her own pottery studio and together the pair, along with Richard’s wife, created 150 unique ceramic pieces on which to serve his delicious creations. Not content with hand-made dinnerware, Stokehouse Restaurant & Bar has also created a bespoke cocktail, celebrating The Great South East. Sweet and spicy, the drink is among the selections on the current bar menu.

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