Exploring the best food, craft beer and wine producers on the Sunshine Coast  

Creative Tours and Events offer a range of tours that explore the best food, craft beer and wine producers on the Sunshine Coast.

The ‘Farm to Fork’ tour is a popular choice for customers. It takes visitors behind the scenes of many local farmers and producers.

Places visited on the tour include the Sunshine Coast Coffee Roastery. It was established 16 years ago and it roasts about fifteen origins of coffee from different parts of the world. Guests on the tour learn about the roasting process and can enjoy sampling different varieties of coffee.

The Falls Farm is another popular stop. They farm herbs and over 200 varieties of vegetables. They sell their produce to local restaurants in Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast.

Maleny Wagyu is the Sunshine Coast’s oldest paddock-to-plate beef venture. It produces the highest quality meat and sells it to the nearby Brouhaha Brewery.

When diners visit, they can enjoy a range of craft beers brewed on site and some of the best food, much of it sourced from the farms visited on the ‘Farm to Fork’ tour.

Brouhaha and many other businesses and farms will be involved in the upcoming The Curated Plate food festival. It’s Australia’s newest food festival and there will be many events that will delight the taste buds.

It’s on from the 8th to the 11th August in 2019 and will feature international chefs, a food fair and foodie events at restaurants across the region. From the 5th-18th August, the ‘Destination Series’ will also be running. It’s part of the festival and will focus on activity-led local experiences that focus on local produce. Many of the farms and businesses featured on the ‘Farm to Fork’ tour will be participating.