Dining in the Dark in Brisbane

Did you know the heritage-listed Woolloongabba Post and Telegraph Office on Stanley Street is now a cool drinking hole called The Mix Bar? And did you know that the beautifully restored space holds a dark secret?

It’s home to a concept restaurant for a regular event called “Dining in the Dark”.  The idea is that eating in the pitch-black heightens diners’ sense of taste and smell, and therefore makes for a more pleasurable experience.

The menu is set, and it’s a secret, but it can cater to allergies or food restrictions.

Phones, watches, and any other form of light source are surrendered by diners before they are taken into a light lock and then guided into the dining room. In the absence of distractions, the dark is supposed to promote the art of conversation on these blind dates.

Wait staff in night vision goggles are at the beck and call of the guests.

According to Dining in the Dark organiser Mick Brown, “once they’re in the dining room we’ll bring in entrees, mains and desserts. If the diners are uncomfortable in any way, they just need to put up their hand. Their safety is paramount; they’re never left in the room. All they’ll see is just little red dots floating around.”

The challenge is knowing when each dish is done, so some guests get very hands-on.

Each Dining in the Dark duration is around 90 minutes, and there’s an opportunity before and after the meal to enjoy drinks and the ambiance of The Mix Bar.

Only children over 15 years of age are allowed to participate, but pregnant women can safely dine here.

The group of diners also usually gathers in the light, after their meal, to read the menu and see a version of the plates the chef prepared for them.