Brisbane’s ‘Triple Threat’ Café in Coorparoo: Coffee, Cake and Culture

When fellow Austrians, Heinz and Roman, decided to open a café, the two business partners were keen to recreate a European coffee house experience.

Yet, ironically, Tiny Tree Café is named for a distinctively Japanese past-time.

The café’s moniker refers to a beautiful Bonsai courtyard that adjoins the café – where Heinz (a Bonsai-lover) teaches gardening classes to willing participants.

In fact, there are plenty of tiny, perfectly manicured miniature trees dotted throughout the café – lending a lovely, conservatory air to this Coorparoo eatery.

Heinz also sings the praises of “Bake-sy” (not to be confused with Banksy!) – an elusive, anonymous baker who creates exquisite European-style cakes for the café – the perfect foil to fabulous coffee.

And if cake and cappuccino aren’t enough – there’s an equal serving of culture.

Latrobe Antiques shares the Tiny Tree Café premises, with rooms displaying an exquisite range of vintage and antique items.

While Heinz handles the café, Roman confesses to being the fellow on the ‘antique side of things’ – and he’s happy to share the provenance and stories behind each piece.

There’s also an adjoining art gallery – with regular exhibitions by emerging artists and sculptors.

Once you’ve had your fill of antiquities and art, head next door (through an internal entrance) to Network 2.  This fashion boutique, adjoining the café, has a range of well-known ladies’ fashion labels and a loyal customer base, spanning the generations.

Tiny Tree Café is not your average suburban coffee den – making it well worth a visit.

If you’re lucky, you might just spot the elusive “Bake-sy” delivering a delicious Cinnamon Tea Cake or Lemon Turmeric Rice Cake – part of his repertoire of European home-baked delights.