Camel Dairy

Summerland Camel Farm is Australia’s first commercial scale camel dairy. Located in Harrisville, only 45 minutes out of Brisbane, Summerland produces about 350 litres of camel milk.

With his herd of around 450 camels, director Jeffrey Flood cannot deny his love for these gentle animals. When the Government introduced the culling program targeting wild camels, Jeff saw the opportunity to save the camels from a gruesome fate and started Summerland in 2015.

Since then, the business has rapidly grown, currently producing around 350 litres of camel milk per day, and with studies uncovering many amazing nutritional benefits, the future of camel milk in Australia looks promising.

Focusing more so on camel milk products rather than fresh milk, Summerland produces cheese, yoghurt, ice cream and a range of skin care products.

Summerland Camel Farm
8 Charles Chauvek Drive, Harrisville
5467 1707

Summerland Camel Farm Tour & Experience
June 29
10 am – 12 pm
5467 1707 $10 – $20

Scenic Rim Eat Local Week
June 24 – July 2