Blokes’ Day Out on the Gold Coast: the Man Tea

Cuppa, cupcakes, cute little sandwiches… and long, looong chats…

Put them together and you’ve got that time-honoured tradition of the ladies’ High Tea.

But why should girls get all the fun? Can’t blokes bond over a shared beverage and tasty little treats? You bet your freshly baked scone they can!

Fellas – round up the posse and head to Surfers Paradise for a treat that doesn’t threaten your testosterone levels.

QT Gold Coast – the hotel famous for its quirky twists on tradition – serves up the Man Tea: a High Tea that’s fit for hombres.

Brewed tea is conspicuously missing: think whiskey and beer instead. And there’s not a lamington in sight. Tuck into savoury masterpieces like a Glenmorangie smoked brisket slider, char-grilled dry-aged Cape Byron beef skewers, Moreton Bay bug rolls, mini tacos with sashimi on crisp wontons, and loaded fries with injectable cheese sauce.

In a twist on the usual sweet fare, the Man Tea climaxes with a smoking (literally!) “cigar” made from couverture chocolate filled with aged malt whisky semi-freddo, candied bacon and lemon ash.

How did the Man Tea come about?  QT’s food and beverage manager, Jarred Thibault, noticed lots of ladies coming to the hotel for High Tea – and dragging their not-so-willing men along. So, the hotel’s chefs came up with a more bloke-worthy version of the indulgent tradition. It’s been so successful that the ladies are now muscling in on the action, swapping scones and cream for the Man Tea.

And blokes can extend their day of indulgence by following up the Man Tea with a session in SpaQ – where manly massages and signature facials for fellas are part of the treatment menu. Detox in the steam room and enjoy a refreshment in the guest lounge. (Yes, real men do drink herbal tea).

Looking good? Feeling great? Why not take it to the streets? At Happy Hire on Orchid Avenue at Surfers Paradise, you can rent a range of cool wheels – from 50CC retro-look motorbikes to trendy electric scooters you can legally ride on footpaths and foreshores.  If you were born to be (a little bit) wild, try The Chopper – a scooter version of the classic motorcycle of 1950s California.

Dudes rule, OK?