Brisbane’s Best Vegan Restaurants

There was a time when declaring yourself Vegan was like saying you were from Venus. But a diet based entirely on fruit, vegetables and grains – hold the animal products – is no longer a radical notion. As testimony, Brisbane’s Vegan dining scene is blooming.

The Green Edge at Windsor is Brisbane’s biggest grocery store of animal free food. Everything on the shelves is guaranteed 100% Vegan by owners Glenn and Sue Cooper. The Green Edge has a popular Vegan café attached with star menu items including the Pulled Jackfruit Burger and ‘meat-free’ Meatball Sub.

At South Brisbane, Vegeme offers a fully vegetarian and Asian-centric menu with plenty of Vegan options. Owner Andy Quo is a life-long vegetarian and has a background in Chinese medicine.
Across town at Everton Park, Charlie’s Raw Squeeze is open 24-7 – offering a fully Vegan menu of smoothies, juices and dessert treats in a fruit-and-veggie market setting.

Right next door is Brisbane’ first Vegan bakery – Veganyumm Dessert Bakehouse. Baker Shairie Amaro and her team serve up an astonishing array of all-Vegan sweet treats – including cupcakes, brownies, cookies and tarts. Vegan drinks are also available – the Mylkshakes are popular.

Veganyumm Dessert Bakehouse
3355 6329

3846 2723

Charlie’s Raw Squeeze
3855 3966 (Everton Park store)

The Green Edge
3861 1132