Zen Garden

Tucked away in a retirement village in the Logan suburb of Springwood is a beautiful garden that was built with the residents in mind – Zen Garden.

It was designed by Tokyo-based master landscaper Tamon Yamaguchi and was the brainchild of the Founder and Managing Director of Elements, Chiou See Anderson.

“You find that when people get older they get more spiritual and try to put meaning to our lives and they tend to seek more spiritual wellbeing as they get older. And sometimes it’s not about religion, sometimes it’s about reflection. And I think a garden offers that level of reflection that you don’t get anywhere else.”

Everyone will get to enjoy the beautiful Zen Garden on Sunday 11 June when it is open to the public through Australia’s Open Garden Scheme. Opening hours are from 10am until 3pm and entry is free.

Zen Garden
Elements Retirement Village
224 Dennis Rd, Springwood
Open Day Sunday June 11
10am – 3pm
3299 3775