Traction is a Brisbane-based community program that aims to get troubled and challenged youth ‘out of schools and onto tools’.

The community-based program runs bicycle restoration workshops at three locations across the city.

Rusty old pushbikes, donated by the public, are given new life by the students – many of whom are dealing with personal challenges like chronically ill parents and school bullying.

“We work with schools to identify the young people who aren’t hitting their potential in the classroom,” explains program founder, Sandy Murdoch.

“They may be shy, they may not have friends, they may not be attending school for some reason. They may be suffering depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, a lot of kids come from circumstances where they’re dealing with a lot for their age.”

The program relies on volunteer mentors who share their mechanical skills – and life skills – with the students.

Young participants get to keep their restored bicycles at the end of the program.

Traction welcomes donations of pre-loved bikes – or your time as a youth mentor.

27 Neumann Road, Capalaba
3102 9565