Gleneden Family Farm

There are a few key ingredients that go into making a great country road-trip. Scenery is number one…and there’s no shortage of that in Southern Queensland Country.
Number two is distance – it can’t be too far away…and since this region can be reached within 90minutes of Brisbane, it ticks that box too.
And finally, there has to be a good amount of pit-stops along the way to keep things interesting….and we’ve found some great ones!

A great country road trip is as much about enjoying the journey as it is the destination. But when it does come to the final stop, it’s got to have that special country charm that makes you want to stay a while.

Gleneden Family Farm delivers country charm by the bullock load. Farmer Rohan is a Bullocky – which means he’s mastered the traditional art of using simple voice commands to drive a herd of large bullocks around the property. It’s quite a spectacle and one that Rohan’s all too happy to show off to visitors. Rohan and his wife Fiona run a sustainable farm in the beautiful rolling pastures of Maryvale, near Warwick and they also offer a variety of tours – from heritage displays, camp cooking and farm tours.

Sustainability is what it’s all about on this farm, and while Rohan loves to keep the old traditions alive, he’s also paving the way with his modern farming methods. The family are very conscious of how they’re using the land and are passionate about educating visitors. The farm’s produce can be purchased online and at the local Toowoomba Farmers Markets.

Rohan and Fiona also invite families to camp on the property and get hands on with the animals.

It’s certainly a beautiful way to connect with nature and experience a true taste of farm life. Sitting by the fire, enjoying traditional billy tea and fresh damper is the perfect ending to a great country road trip.

Gleneden Family Farm
Maryvale, near Warwick
46661273 or 0429137224.

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