Queensland’s EcoPark Fishing World and Farm Stay

EcoPark Fishing World and Farm Stay is a privately-run outdoor activity park halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The park has been operating for more than 30 years. What originally started as just a catch-and-release fishing park is now a fully-fledged farm stay, complete with all sorts of creatures…great and small.

Animal encounters are the big draw-card, but there’s plenty of other ways to tire out the little ones.

The main attraction at EcoPark is still the catch-and-release pond, stocked with grunter, perch and bass.

Anyone who has tried to teach a kid to fish bouncing around a windy day will appreciate the simplicity of a spot like this.

EcoPark is typically open Wednesday through to Sunday, but during school holidays, they throw open the gates every day of the week.