A trip to the Bribie Island Butterfly House

Ray and Delphine Archer welcome visitors every Wednesday and Sunday to The Butterfly House on Bribie Island.

Starting with his love of these peaceful creatures back in 2009, Ray’s passion quickly escalated. Upon retiring on Bribie Island, he and Delphine commenced on their butterfly adventure.

What began in the backyard as a hobby soon moved to a larger patch of land, and 160 volunteers later, The Butterfly House became what it is today.

“This is a great place for nature therapy, and education for kids and adults alike,” Ray said.

“We both love interacting and making sure that everybody who visits gets the most out of their visit, so you know, we want to show them this and show them everything,” Delphine added.

Walk in amongst the beautiful plants, water features and calming music while butterflies flutter around you (some literally stop for a rest on you). Also make sure you take note of the little plaques around the gardens with profound quotes, made all-the-more meaningful by the tranquil surroundings.

There’s also a caterpillar nursery where visitors can view eggs, caterpillars through the various growth stages, chrysalises and finally, newborn butterflies ready to be released into their new home, The Butterfly House.

The Butterfly House is run solely by volunteers and all proceeds raised go towards charity. In fact since opening in 2017, Ray, Delphine and the volunteers have raised an incredible $200,000 for charities like the Entrust Foundation, Hear for Kids and Eyes for India.

And why Bribie Island? Ray says being coastal, it’s the perfect spot for butterflies…they like the warmth as their little wings are like solar panels (butterflies are cold-blooded).

Be sure to drop by this amazing spot and say hi to Ray, Delphine and the butterflies for yourself.

Bribie Island Butterfly House

208 First Avenue, Bongaree

Open Wednesdays and Sundays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.