Redlands Art and Culture

    Right across the Redlands Coast, there’s a quiet revolution, taking over our streets. An army of artists, accentuating public places

    Public art contributes to the cultural life of a community, revitalises centres and helps to foster a sense of place. Redland City Council’s Public Art Program includes permanent sculptures, temporary public art projects, murals and art walks.

    Theres plenty of hidden treasures and little adventures to be found across the Redlands Coast.

    Historic Ormiston House was built in the 1860s by Capt. Louis Hope, who was to become known as the Father of the Australian Sugar Industry. The house is surrounded by 14 acres of equally historic grounds and gardens overlooking Moreton Bay, a beautiful setting for one of the finest examples of colonial architecture in Queensland

    The Old School House Gallery promotes the visual arts by instruction, information and inspiration. Encouraging participation through workshops and celebrating artistic expression by providing opportunities to exhibit and sell.

    Redland Art Gallery’s exhibitions and events feature local, Queensland, nationally and internationally recognised artists. The exhibition program is showcased in six exhibition spaces over two locations at Cleveland and Capalaba.