Nitro Funny Cars

    When it comes to drag racing, it doesn’t get much bigger, louder or faster than Willowbank Raceway’s Aeroflow Nitro Funnycars.

    These fire breathing monsters dominate the quarter mile with over 4000 horsepower under the bonnet.

    Infact one of these Aeroflow Nitro Funnycars has the power of six V8 Supercars.

    With names like Bumblebee, Storm Trooper, The Terminator, and characters like Captain America walking around, you’d think you were on the set of the next big blockbuster.

    But the real heroes of the day are the drivers… like brothers Jake and Dan Donnelly who admit there’s a healthy rivalry that gives them that extra edge on the race track.

    Chelsea Leahy is another hero racer… she’s been burning rubber from a young age. Fifteen to be exact.

    And when it comes to her Funnycar, it certainly stands out in the crowd – it’s designed to go down the track on its rear wheels.

    It’s not all about the cars though as there’s something at the event for the whole family with plenty of activities for young and old.

    The Aeroflow Nitro Funny Cars Event is coming up on the 27th October. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the action.