Greenwood Farm

    If fast food, factory fashion and instant gratification are wearing thin, then Greenwood Farm might just be the delicious antidote you need to the malaise of modern life.

    Owners, Paul and Angi Fullwood are self-proclaimed champions of good, old-fashioned “make-it-yourself” know-how – and they offer lessons in the kind of home skills that were once passed down from generation to generation: sewing, cooking and even bee-keeping!

    At Greenwood Farm, “newbies” can sign up for beginner bee-keeping classes with Paul – whose hives have, quite possibly, the best views on the plateau.

    Flitting to and fro their escarpment home, Paul and Angi’s happy bees produce award-winning honey – and provide a picturesque classroom for people keen to start their own backyard hives.

    Paul shares tips on how to smoke the hive, handle frames and understand colony life, including the role of the Queen Bee. He’s named each of his Queens individually – there’s Bridget, Bebe, Beryl and Babette. (Can you spot the pattern?)

    The all-natural, golden honey that comes from Greenwood Farm hives is often a star ingredient in Angi’s cooking classes.

    In her commercial kitchen, Angi shares skills she learned at the skirts of her mother and grandmother – passing them on in classes that cover everything from vegan cooking to pasta; traditional baking to home-made sausages. Men’s cooking classes are among the most popular.

    Angi also offers one-on-one sewing lessons – from how to choose a pattern and fabric to more advanced seamstress techniques.

    Her own sewing and knitting have been submitted in local Agricultural Shows and – along with Greenwood Farm honey, bread, sauces and cakes – have won countless blue ribbons, including Grand Champion at last year’s Mudgeeraba Show.

    Angi and Paul also run a farmgate at Greenwood Farm.

    Here, you can pick up their home-made goodies – honey, jams, soaps, sauces, cakes and biscuits – 7 days a week.

    After all, instant gratification is a hard habit to kick!