Xavier Rudd at The Tivoli

I’ve been lucky enough to see Xavier Rudd perform solo a couple of times in the past but I have to say, this was something else.

From the second the four-piece band appeared on stage, The Tivoli was filled with energy and excitement. In a way, it felt like a celebration and we were all invited! The performance featured songs from his newly released album, Storm Boy and fittingly, they kicked off with the album’s opening track, Walk Away. Throughout the night there were some favourites in there too like Flag and Follow The Sun.

There is no doubt that Xavier is one incredibly talented musician, from his detailed guitar work, to playing the digeridoo and everything in between, chatarungui included (…in case you’re wondering, that’s a 20-stringed Indian slide guitar). However, it has to be said that each band member on stage held a beautiful space of their own. From the wild hair and wild spirit of keys player, Ian Peres. The deeply mesmerising base tones of Yosef Hailie and the heart pounding drum work by Lisa Purmodh. To see them play in perfect harmony was a gift for those who were in the audience.

Their performance moved me, as music often does. It speaks to parts of your heart you may never have known needed speaking to. It moves you to places you may have never travelled before. And when you add Xavier Rudd in the mix, well that’s just a recipe for a magical musical journey.

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