The perfect place for your first family holiday!

As a parent of 2 and half-year-old twins, I often think about where my wife and I will take them for our first family holiday. Sure, we’ve been to the beach overnight before. But they were so young.

Now that they’re old enough to really take it in, we want it to be special, and simple.

That’s why Tangalooma Island Resort is the perfect choice.

First of all, it’s not far from Brisbane. Only 75 minutes. And the trip over the bay will be a first for the kids. An adventure in itself!

And Moreton Bay is home to some extraordinary natural experience that will blow their little minds.

At the top of that list would be hand feeding a pod of wild bottlenose dolphins.  It’s an activity that has been enthralling visitors for decades.

There are many other ways to learn about nature at Tangalooma. The ‘Marine Discovery Cruise’ travels along the coastline in search of dugongs, turtles, rays and much more.

And I think a sightseeing tour of the Tangalooma wrecks would be another terrific addition. I’m sure they will love feeding the fish. A great way of seeing what’s under the water without getting wet!

Something simple that’s sometimes overlooked thanks to the huge selection of activities on offer, is simply relaxing on the beach. There’s no surf and it’ll be perfect for the toddlers.

As for accommodation, there are plenty of options. From budget rooms right up to beachfront villas and holiday homes.  And as for food, we’ll be spoilt for choice! There’s the Beach Café and Beach BBQ, a Chinese restaurant to name a few.

But we might need to stay in with the kids. Lucky there’s a convenience store where we can pick up the essentials and cook up a feast in our self-contained kitchen.

It sounds like a holiday that everyone in the family, big and small, will enjoy. I can’t wait!

By Paul Mayze