Sunshine Coast Beer Festival

Do you often spend your weekends scouting around your local pubs and bars in search of the best ice cold craft brew that you’ve ever tasted? Well, scout no more! The Sunshine Coast Craft Beer and Cider Festival is being held at the Sunshine Coast Stadium on Saturday 1st December and promises to bring over 160 craft beer, ciders, red/white wine and bubbles to your eagerly awaiting tastebuds.

The festival is pretty much guaranteed to deliver a new favourite for every patron, no matter their palette; so, gather your best mates and plan in a weekend at the Coast sampling some of the best ciders, pale ales, porters, stouts and speciality brews from both Australia and New Zealand! And no, you won’t go hungry; there will be a host of locally sourced food stalls showcasing produce from the region and live music so you can kick back on the lawn; or if you prefer a more upbeat experience whilst downing your newly found favourite brew, there’s a sideshow alley packed full of fun.

Tickets are not yet available, but keep an eye on their website for more details!