Star Wars – A New Hope In Concert

In 1977, the original Star Wars movie blasted onto movie screens around the world, transporting viewers to a galaxy far, far away.

Now 41 years later, the iconic film has been enjoyed by generations countless times. So, the question could be asked; can the original Star Wars be experienced in a fresh and new way?

And the answer is yes, thanks to the Queensland Symphony Orchestra.

On Saturday at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, the film returned to the big screen accompanied by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra who performed the film’s legendary musical score live.

It helped super charge the presentation and incredibly, the film’s most thrilling moments packed even more power.

The 75-piece orchestra, which sat just metres from the audience, played the Academy Award Winning score to perfection. The concert was led by acclaimed conductor Benjamin Northey and before the film began, he encouraged the audience to participate.

And participate they did. There was thunderous applause throughout as the orchestra recreated iconic musical moments. The heart pumping Death Star trench run. Luke Skywalker watching a twin sunset on his home planet of Tatooine. And the final victory celebration in the throne room.

Children, their parents and many grandparents were wowed by the performance.

So, that leaves one final question. How can this Star Wars experience be topped? Easy. Later this year the Queensland Symphony Orchestra will be performing the musical score for the series’ next chapter, ‘The Empire Strikes Back’.

Thanks to the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, the force is indeed strong…