Ruby Chocolate has hit the streets of Brisbane!

Last night we attended the launch of San Churro’s new Ruby Chocolate Menu and their Real Ruby Chocolate experience at San Churro Toowong.

What is Ruby chocolate, you may ask? Well, it was first unveiled to the world in Shanghai in September 2017, but has only hit the streets of Australia this week, with San Churro being the first Australian retailer to roll out Ruby nationwide. The taste… think berry fruitiness, hints of citrus and a luscious smooth texture – not to mention its colour – Millenial pink!

What makes it SO special?

Ruby chocolate is the newest chocolate discovery in more than 80 years, and is only 1 of 4 of the world’s natural chocolates – alongside white, milk and dark.

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And look at it! As part of #RealRuby, you can expect to have your senses dazzled during the one-hour, two-part dine in experience. It first begins with an audio-guided chocolate tasting, where you’ll be walked through the ages of chocolate and their history… beginning with white and finishing with dark.

After the tasting, you’re than treated to a dramatic dessert reveal – spanish churros covered in velvety smooth Ruby chocolate, served amongst a scented berry mist.

Ta-da! Dessert served. For $35 you too can also enjoy this experience at San Churro Toowong, and if you’re not in Brisbane, San Churro’s Real Ruby menu will be available at ALL San Churro stores from September 10.

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