Romance on a Budget

You don’t need to blow your budget to be romantic, if fact most of the time the most romantic gestures you can’t put a price on.  But if you’re wanting to make that certain someone feel extra special but you’re a few days away from pay day here are a few tips to save your bacon.

Write a Poem

Think about the person, what do they like? What do they like about you? Express those feelings in words. Find a tone which suits the type of poem you are writing about. Choose a form of poetry, some are easier than others so do you research. A Sonnet is usually a short rhyming poem with 14 lines, this is common for a love poem, however difficult to pull off, a Limerick is probably your go to, a five-line poem with distinctive rhyming.


These don’t have to be just for the ladies, men also appreciate receiving flowers too. An affordable way to say whatever you want them to say; I love you, I’m sorry, thank you. Pick the colour and type of flower accordingly. Bright colours are always happy colours so your pinks and yellows are safe, pale colours and white for unhappier occasions and red always to symbolise love.

Create a Playlist

Go old school and make a mix tape, either that be on a CD or a Spotify playlist. Add their favourite songs and artist, chuck a few classics in there too. If you’re struggling for ideas, Spotify has pre-made playlist to help you out.


What better way to someone heart, than through chocolate! Be sure to know what they like, milk, dark or white chocolate. This doesn’t have to be over thought, you can pick up their favourite confection from your local supermarket whilst doing the Sunday shop.

Home cooked meal

A prepared meal is always a treat, especially after a long day at work. Surprise your significant other with their favourite meal or try cooking something new. Whatever the dish is, it will be treasured. Cooking at home is a cheaper alternative to eating out, plus it’s made with love so you can’t really go wrong.

Be creative, romance shouldn’t be an expensive ‘thing’ to have with your partner. Why not give one of these ideas a go to surprise that special someone in your life.


Written by Adelaide Fenech