Calum Scott at The Tivoli

I certainly wasn’t dancing on my own at Calum Scott’s performance at The Tivoli, nor were those who also filled the room… whether they be lovers, friends or those who have had their fair share in heartbreak. And while there was dancing, a lot of singing, and a few laughs that chorused throughout the room, when Calum performed You Are The Reason and his beautiful rendition of Dancing On My Own, there also wasn’t a dry eye in sight… which my friend and I (both of us recently experienced heartache) braced ourselves for.

Though I must admit, I probably prepared a little way too much for tears, having stuffed a wad of tissues in my purse as I ducked out the door. I can say only one was used, and that Calum’s performance was far more uplifting than it was tear jerking. He laughed, he joked, and also shed a few tears himself, which I think shows he’s Only Human too (also the name of his debut album).

Photography by Lachlan Douglas.

When interacting with the audience between each song, Calum’s raw emotions were openly reflected through his words, having let close to 1000 of us at The Tivoli in on his personal journey… a journey which has been the beacon to his music.

Though what stood out for me was Calum recognising that a constant between everyone on this planet is ‘love’. So, for him to write his lyrics to and sing about that four letter word allows those who have experienced love at some point in their life, whether it be for a friend, parent, child or most commonly a soul mate, to connect with his music no matter the context.

Calum’s selection of songs for his performance at The Tivoli were perfectly curated, and of course finished with a bang… by performing solo with just his pianist in the background as he belted out the long-awaited Dancing On My Own. It was just as expected, if not better, and a moment I’m sure won’t leave my memory any time soon. And while I say I wasn’t dancing on my own, I definitely was in my car the next morning as I listened to Calum on repeat on the way to work 🙂

Photography by Lachlan Douglas.

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Written by Samantha Cheney