What to use to get straight, shiny hair with no frizz

Sick of dealing with frizzy hair that’s not quite straight and flyaways that stand out in all your photos? NAK has a tried-and-true formula for getting smooth, shiny hair that defies the humidity!

Hairstylist Bec Fawcett says it’s about layering three key products, and she starts with Repl.ends Leave-in Moisturiser. After your wash, just run the moisturiser through towel-dried hair with your fingers.

“Only use a small amount,” Bec told us, suggesting using about a five-cent piece worth. Next, blow-dry your hair, starting at the top of the roots and aiming the nozzle down, running your fingers through your hair until the ends.

The second layer she recommends is NAK Thermal Shield designed to weather-proof hair from heat-styling tools like flat irons. The shield also resists humidity and fights frizz! Shake it well and hold it about 20 centimetres from your head, before a couple of quick sprays. (This can be used on damp or dry hair).

Pull out your hair straightener next, combing and pulling the flat iron down from roots to tips.

“Before I finish off, I use a few quick spritzes of NAK Aroma Oil Spray from about a hand’s-length away,” Bec told us, before running her fingers through the hair, “which controls flyaways and creates that shined, finished look.”

The aroma spray detangles, improves the conditioner’s performance and protects hair from environmental factors to ensure that you are looking your best, no matter what the weather!

Watch the video above to see how Bec gets Morgan Nelson’s hair looking frizz-free and shiny!