NAK Structure Complex – You Need It In Your Life

If you’re a victim of dry, damaged chemically treated hair, then NAK Structure Complex is the answer to all of your problems (we promise, we’ve tried and tested it… and it’s a-mazing!).

This three-step process (there’s an extra step ‘cause they’re that committed to making sure you’ve got the best hair ever) works to rebuild your frazzled locks from the inside out by infusing plant proteins and sea minerals deep into your strands to return natural shine and lustre.

So, what’s the deal… why are there 3 steps?

Step 1

Get yo’self into the shower, wet your hair and using the NAK Structure Complex Shampoo, lather an amount similar to that of a 20 cent (or 50 cents if you’ve got a whole load of hair) piece gently into your hair until it feels covered and clean, then rinse thoroughly.

Step 2

The Structure Complex Protein Conditioner is next level! Apply a generous amount to freshly rinsed hair and work through the ends until your hair feels soft and smooth, then again rinse your hair thoroughly.

Step 3

This is where it gets fun, the NAK Complex Bond Enhancer should be worked into towel dried hair (don’t worry about going crazy with the whole towel thing if you don’t have time, sometimes we don’t bother and it works just as well) and left for 3-5 minutes before being thoroughly rinsed.

Hot tip: we use the time between application and rinsing to shave our legs, wash our face or sometimes (not on a Monday morning) have a little boogie in the shower!

And, there you have it! Keep using this amazing stuff as often as you wash your hair. Seriously, do all 3 steps every time you’re in the shower and in no time at all your hair is going to look 👌👌👌

Thanks, NAK!  Checkout the beautiful Olivia Degn’s hair here (she uses NAK)!