How to make unwashed hair look fresh with volume and curls

Have you ever thrown your hair into a ponytail instead of washing it before heading into work, then cursed yourself when you don’t have time to make it look fresh and glamorous before your night out? Fear not: the NAK hairstyling team has a quick fix that takes less than 15 minutes and leaves you with voluminous, clean-looking curls.

Take your hair out of the ponytail and brush through the tangles. As you section it off into small sections to curl, spray NAK Aromas Style Therapy onto the underside of the roots.

“It’s perfect as a dry shampoo; perfect for texturising the curls so they’re not dead flat and just hanging there,” NAK stylist Bec Fawcett told us. “It’s perfect for any darker colours of hair because it doesn’t bring out that brightness, when normal dry shampoos do.”

“It’s fantastic at absorbing natural oils,” Bec added. “We’re sometimes a bit time-poor and don’t get to wash our hair on the daily.”

Bec cautions against overthinking the straight iron to curl your hair: “If you over-curl the ends and they’re not working, let it set, then come back and re-curl.”

As you curl, she recommends twisting and twirling the straightener down. Be careful you don’t clamp it too aggressively and don’t hold it too long: it only takes Bec about 6 seconds per curl.

Then you can again spray the Style Therapy, “especially around the hairline, where we put our hands through the most and create more oil.”

To top off the fresh look and add lots of volume, Bec uses NAK Done.n.Dusted – a nice small tube that fits in your handbag or desk drawer at work!

Hold a small section of hair up, pull it forward towards your forehead, then sprinkle a small amount of Done.n.Dusted underneath at the roots of your hair. Next, use a comb and lightly tease the hair to create that added volume. Then gently comb the hair out as much—or as little—as desired.

“With this product, you can always reactivate it in the hair,” Bec told us. “Once I’ve combed it through, I pop my fingers through to create extra height and texture.” To do this, put your fingers on the back of your head and push the hair up to boost the volume.

And there you have it – how to take hair tired from a day at the office to dinner or a party at night!

Watch the hair tutorial above to see Bec work her magic.