How to get thick-looking, voluminous hair

Want that ‘blow-dry-esque’ look, without the hassle? Look no further than these five hair products by NAK. Not everyone is born with thick, voluminous hair, so they’ve created a line of wonderful products to give every hair type the opportunity to enjoy lustrous locks, any day or night of the week.

NAK hairstylist, Bec Fawcett, demonstrates how to bring dull, fine hair to life using NAK products on hair model–and The Great Day Out producer–Sarah Bowers, who has naturally fine, curly hair.

Bec begins by spraying dry hair with the Hydrate Detangle Mist to restore hydration and create moisture in the hair. Bec uses her hands to lift each layer, spraying the product evenly through Sarah’s hair. Not only does this product smell amazing, but the ingredients will replenish dry, damaged ends and prevent any future breakage.

Once balance has been restored in the hair follicle, our stylist adds Ultimate Potion to texturise Sarah’s ends and style her hair. You can ensure an even spread of the product by rubbing the serum between your fingers, before guiding it through your ends. The rejuvenating formula used in Ultimate Potion has been designed to control frizz and make styling appreciably easier. No flyaways to see here!

For protection, Thermal Shield is evenly applied to the hair to save it from humidity and weather conditions. By safeguarding your hair with Thermal Shield, you’ll prevent any unwanted frizz, and your style will last longer!

Shine Mist is spritzed all over to add a gloss to Sarah’s hair, making her hair feel and appear more vibrant. After applying Shine Mist, Bec recommends combing the product through the hair with a wide-toothed comb for a more natural, voluminous look.

To finish it off, Fixation Finishing Spray is sprayed all over to set the hair. Long-lasting and smooth to brush out, this product is the creme de la crop of finishing sprays and won’t cause your hair to go brittle.

Every day can be a good hair day with these five products! Watch the hair tutorial above to see how Bec achieves an effortless, voluminous look.

Written by: Marnie Booth