Avoid Daily Tears & Tantrums with NAK Repl.ends Creme

Some of my most dreaded childhood memories are those where I am sitting on the family couch, crying, whilst my Mum pulled and tugged (I’m sure she didn’t mean it) at my long knotted, twisted mane.

Nowadays, being an adult with long hair and no desire to ball my eyes out on the daily (’cause that would be somewhat embarrassing), I have sought out the best product ever to avoid getting my hair in a tangle.

NAK Repl-ends Creme is that very product! I kid you not, I use it every day and my hair is in the best condition it has been in, ever. All you need to do is apply a small amount every morning for a leave-in conditioning, cuticle sealing treatment and its guaranteed to keep you and your follicles happy!

And, the best thing about this product is it’s GREAT for all hair types! A lot of other conditioning, de-tangling products cause my hair to become oily, but not this one. NAK Repi-ends Creme is light and able to be used on the daily without any embarrassing grease.

Hot Tip: take this product with you to the beach or swimming pool and apply it before taking a dip to protect your hair from salt and harsh chemicals!