3 Situations Where Dry Shampoo Can Get You Out of a Pickle

Dry shampoo is literally every busy girls’ life-saver, ‘cause not only does it get you out of a jam when you’re on day 3 without a hair wash with no time to remedy the sitch; but it also comes in handy for many a situation that you may not have thought about!


If you’re not so into those communal campground showers, that often run out of warm water to dampen your hair, then fear not, ladies (and gents with locks)! NAK Dry Klean Shampoo is your lifesaver! Pack it in your camp bag and avoid getting yo’self follicle frost-bite!

Festival Life

You’re listening to your favourite bands, rocking out with your pals, watching the sun shine through the trees and… washing your beautiful locks in portable shower cubicles without enough room to lift your elbows above your head 🤢 yeah, no!

If you don’t want your groove train to dip down to a festival low, save yourself the pain and pack a bottle of NAK Dry Klean Shampoo in your sleeping bag. You know you it’s a good idea!

Corporate Meetings

It’s windy and you need to run across town to get to that meeting with 10 new execs that scare the bajesus out of you. But, by the time you get there in your cute little shoes that have just caused you blisters big enough to make your toes fall off, you realise that your freshly styled hair is stuck to your face in something that can only resemble Janis Ian (oh, hell no).

Do yourself a favour, pop a can of NAK Dry Klean Shampoo in your handbag/man-satchel and nip into the bathroom to give yourself a little volume and texture before ever attending a meeting looking like a Mean Girls victim!

To find out where you can score yourself a bottle, visit our friends at NAK.