The Best Acai Bowls in Brisbane

When it comes to healthy breakfast choices that are also loaded with flavour, you can’t go past the ever-evolving, acai bowl. Packed full of antioxidants, fibre, vitamins and protein, you are sure to feel full and satisfied after eating a flavour packed dish!

Even though you see the acai bowl banner flying on almost every corner nowadays, there are a few specific places in Brisbane, that you can count on for a truly tasty experience.

NODO in Newstead and the CBD have a bowl that will tantalize your tastebuds. Their Fruit Tingle acai bowl uses fizzy elements like kombucha and raspberry sherbet to recreate the popular lolly. This bowl takes creativity to the next level. Along with this amazing acai bowl they have a natural acai shake that doesn’t fall short of tasty goodness.

Pineapple Express in Hamilton and the CBD; head down the path of dessert for breakfast with their Apple Crunch acai bowl. A take on the classic apple pie, the stewed apples, Coyo yoghurt and twice-baked granola add that extra detail to make this bowl a fun and memorable food experience.

Acai Brothers, positioned at various locations around Brisbane, offers up a morning boost with their Mocha Ya Socks Off bowl. The hit of espresso, banana and cacao gets you ready for the day ahead. But as the name suggests Acai Brothers specialise in acai bowls and have something for everyone.

Honourable mentions are Kiss The Berry who are in various locations around Brisbane and the Gold Coast, with their Snykers Delight and Charlie’s Raw Squeeze with their superfood acai bowls – yum!

If you haven’t treated yourself to an acai bowl for breakfast yet, do your tastebuds and body a favour!