5 Foods You Have to Try at Eat Street

It can be a little bit overwhelming when you walk through the Eat Street gates to work out just what you want to eat. With so many delicious treats on offer, you are spoilt for choice. Luckily for you, we have searched high and low to find the tastiest and quirkiest dishes on offer at Eat Street. Here are five treats that you need to try on your next visit:

A Ruby Chocolate Doughnut

What could be better than a doughnut covered in chocolate? A buttery brioche doughnut topped with crushed pistachio and raspberry crisps, coated in ruby chocolate. Ruby chocolate is the fourth type of chocolate in the world and is the first discovered in over 80 years. If you are itching to try it, why not have it on top of a delicious doughnut from The Doughnut Bar in Kombi Alley.

Find out more about ruby chocolate here!

Massaman Beef Curry In A Crepe

One thing Eat Street does well is fusing foods together to create funky but delicious combinations. Why eat ordinary curry, when you could have it inside a crepe? Find this tasty fusion at Yum Yum Thai in Asia Street.

Cookie Dough Bombe Alaska

If you have a sweet tooth, then indulge in a Cookie Dough Bombe Alaska at Double Good in Kombi Alley. Inside the vanilla sponge and toasted meringue shell, is chocolate and vanilla gelato with a crunchy chocolate chip cookie dough centre. We are drooling!

The French Chefs New Brisket Beef Baguette

Just imagine, a beef brisket bourguignon baguette with Raclette cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce and mustard cream sauce. Sounds pretty good right? Oozing with cheese and beef, we can guarantee that you will be planning a return visit before you even finish this tasty treat. Get it from L’apero French Street Food, under the Main Music Dome.

Special Chorizo Quesadillas

If you love cheese, then make sure you try the Special Chorizo Quesadillas from the Chilli Sisters, under the Main Music Dome. They are stuffed full of cheesy-goodness and chorizo and served with sour cream, guacamole, pickled onion and fresh herbs. The tortillas are authentic Mexican corn tortillas, that are made from scratch and are gluten-free.

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By Kate Nutting